level design;approach

this is a personal project based on a FPS style gameplay. just a basic thing nothing too fancy(this is just to practice and get used to UE4 )

I know how to use 3DS MAX and Zbrush (pretty well) also a bit of Maya just for rendering.

so the doubt i have is, for designing the level do i make it(the level) in MAX then import it ? or make the whole thing in UE4? does it make a difference?

or should i have the basic structures (floors,ceilings) in UE4 and import the rest(custom door,pillars etc) ?

note: i have gone through the level design tutorial series on Youtube.
Also sorry if this has been answered somewhere else

Create your meshes + textures + skeletal meshes in 3ds max -> export and import them -> create the materials -> create the level with the meshes. :slight_smile:
You are much more flexible when you create the level in the UE4

correct me if i am wrong.

what you are saying is i make the individual objects(custom doors,floor, pillars etc) in max, export(.fbx)+import to UE4 and then create the level by putting all objects.
then compared to making the whole level in max and then just running it in the engine.

also thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Yep, create your assets in your 3d program -> thats the normal way how you do that :slight_smile:

I block my level out in unreal first using the brush actors, then convert those to models in unreal and name everything according to what im calling each model, then I will export those as models and bring them into 3d max. Then I have all the scale information and basic blockouts done in one whack. Then I import them when finished into unreal with the same name I tagged them in the engine, and the actors are replaced with the new models.

Wow so you can export your basic bsp geometry to another program? Thats handy!
Ive been working in maya using a 1:1 scale with Unitys units and just snapping my basic shapes to the grid. I might try that other method though!