Level Design/3D Artist

Alternate WW2 Survival; Axis forces won the war, Character starts in a war torn Alaska in the dead of winter Ladd Airfield (Army Base) W/ surrounding towns i.e. Fairbanks. Goal is to survive the winter and gather fellow soldiers and civilians to retrieve Ladd Airfield and Fairbanks and push the Axis out of Alaska to gain a foothold.

We need Level Design Artist and Materials Artist(unless level designer can craft his own mats)

Also a Character Artist wouldn’t hurt.

Indie Game; we aren’t going for amazing so much as we are focusing more on gameplay.

Experience: You can be dead new to the process, it would be nice to have people who have basics down though.

Currently working on project:
GraveBeard: Project Manager/C++ and Blueprint Programmer
BlackBeard: Programmer

Twitter: @OdinWorksGS

Hello! I can work on Level Design and Background/Landscape art.
May we discuss this with more details?
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