Level Design 1 screen each level

Hi i have a really nice idea about a game… i want to make a game where the whole level would be seen on screen
there will be 1 entry point “spawn” and one finish point “end” i want to add condition to gather some items From the level in order to proceed to next one …
is there any guide help how to start ? for example how to set up my Scene so i know that i will dont have scrolling left right up down ?

Basic overview:
1, Create a world.
2, position Static Camera and link the player to it
3, Put “player start” object at “start” position
4, create pickup blueprints
5, create end object blueprints
6, create hud

Break it out into the small details and work up from there. we cant give you start to finish instructions for your entire game. but we can help with technical problems you encounter while creating it.

This is exactly what i wanted to see :slight_smile: thanks alot :slight_smile: i know alot about unreal u see couldnt figure out the camera now i know what to search for Thanks again :slight_smile: