Level Creation

I am seeking to start creation of a game of my own design. In this game I need to have a world setup like what it is in fable. What I need to know or would like to know that is, is the follow:

Can I create each area of the game as a seperate level and control where the character spawns in said level? if so how?

I also would like to know if it would be easier to just make one large world say like something World of Warcraft or Diablo does and just section it off by continent/chapters?

  1. you can spawn players from player starts. So just place your player start where you want the player to spawn. You can do that in every single level
  2. I personally would say that it’s easier to create smaller levels instead of a large open world, because it’s easier to get a good performance + you can add more details + you dont have to use level streaming and other open world techniques :slight_smile:

ok. Now lets say I have multiple ways to enter the level though. How then would I help the program to determine which of the player starts to use?