Level creation for current games with UE4?

Apologies for this most newbiest of questions but I’m having trouble finding my answer on these forums/google, simply put I want to get back into the swing of Level Design and wondered what games I could use UE4 for exactly. Coming from a predominant background of Unreal/UT99 could I create for them or even the later UT3/UTk4 titles?

I just want to see if I can get the “bug” back to help in anyway with the newly announced UT title and figured the best way would be with an old game or current one.

UE4 is not compatible with UE1, 2, or 3. None of those games will work in UE4.

You will need to wait for UT4 to shape up a bit more first. In the mean time you can practice and learn the tools already.

Thanks and that is was I was afraid of, might give it a go anyway but would’ve preferred to see my stuff in action so to speak! thanks again