Level collection manipulation in C++


I am working on a plugin able to generate (virtually)infinite landscapes from real .

I noticed perfs issues when a 1000km*1000km terrain composed of multiple landscape is instanciated…

Then my new goal was to spawn a tiled landscape in differents levels (such as the world composition module).

Even if landscape spawn is pretty easy, using level functions such as :

  • FLevelCollectionModel class
  • FindLevelModel
  • PopulateLevelsList
  • SetLevelPosition
  • FWorldTileModel class
  • ImportLandscapeTile

Is more difficult… I still have link errors with these modules…

My build.cs file contains WorldBrowser and LevelEditor in modules dependencies but the plugin still didn’t compile…

Do you have any ideas to fix this link issue ? Or maybe another way to use levels from cpp ?

Thanks :wink: