Level Building In Game - New Breed of Designers

You’ve seen the creativity from all the people who played Minecraft and now you see people building awesome stuff in Landmark. Everyone who got creative that way and just know how to build that way could be designing on Unreal Engine.

Imagine all that attention brought on Unreal Engine if it allowed for in game level building like in those games mentioned. Sure Unreal Engine editor is much better and faster tool obviously but having the option of being in your gameworld walking around and building with simple tools, you could build a simple house that you could then edit further in the editor. To take it further to the Minecraft like editing you could have a server with a design team building stuff together.

Would that kind of building ever be possible in Unreal Engine?

I’d love it if Brushes were replaced (or augmented) with voxel building, even if the voxel data was just meshed and baked to a static.

Wouldn’t that be doable now? Where you could create objects and move them in shifts of 10x10 or 50x50 blocks then when its time to save that you could either export all the position data to save files and on load you restore these objects?

Are you referring to Minecraft style box-voxels here? Because that’s not really what OP is talking about.

You’d want the Landmark style voxel setup, where it constructs a topology mesh based on the voxel data. I was just saying it’d be nice to have, even if the only thing you could do is build in voxels and then export the mesh to a static.

Isn’t that what Epics new game "fortnight is going to be?

something like that?

would love to see it in ue4