level BP problem

hii im facing this prob that i have 2 doors in my level and i use enabling and disabling input method the prob is that when i move towards the first door, it enables its input but when i press E it also opens the other door so its like when i enable input it enables all the inputs in level not only that specific input that im colliding with so if anybody now what should i do here, is there any way around so that only that specific input enables when I collide with specific trigger

it maybe because you doors are on a permanent overlapping. Use the “other actor” node from event and compare with your character as condition for a branch before launching the action. If this is the trouble it will be ok.

i got ur idea and it might work but can u explain how to use it i mean wht should i connect with other actor node to check if my player is colliding with it or not

never mind its resolved now through GATE

Happy to read you solved your trouble but in case one day you have an overlap select to do :


thnx that might come in handy in future