Level blueprint question!

So I’m curious, if I would be able to use level blueprints to cause interesting events, for instance:
You kill a certain actor (boss) within a level, which causes your safe zone (just a designated area that is devoid of enemies) to be overrun by enemies, and destroying all actors (NPCs who used to be available in the safe zone) who reside withing the safe zone.
So basically, there’d be a Boolean variable dependent on whether a boss is alive or not, and if the boss isn’t alive, then you destroy all actors in the safe zone and spawn enemies (maybe even change the aesthetic of the safe zone).

I’m asking this because it’s an event i would like to incorporate in my game, but currently don’t have time to test it out, so I’m curious if someone has experience with something similar.


Yes its Possible. Something like that. Quick and easy.

Thank you! I’m glad I just had that cleared up.