Level blueprint erases itself

The first time it happened I thought it’s because the program crashed, but this time I saved the project and turned unreal engine off properly, but still: When I open the project I find the level blueprint empty (other blueprints keep the changes I saved).

Any idea why does this happen and how do I stop it?

What was your process to save? The level blueprint does not have the standard save button, so you’ll need to do file -> ‘Save All’, or file -> ‘Save’ (while you are in the level tab). If this still does not work, try creating a new level, and editing that level blueprint, and see if the new level blueprint will save.

I think I tried all of these processes, and the level blueprint still erases :frowning:

It doesn’t even display changes that were for certain saved before.

If you see a “X” around your “Compile” button, you’ll need to compile your work before it’s results are shown. If you close without compiling, your work is gone. Also, after your satisfied with your results, hit “CTRL+S” to save all your work :slight_smile: Hope it was something this simple! Im a noob, so that’s as far as I can go!

You need to reopen your saved level. By default the engine won’t open it. See project settings, maps and modes.

Now when I’m trying to save my level, for some reason instead of updating the saved level, it opens a save window. When I click the existing level to save the changes as changes to the same level instead of a new one, I get a message saying this level already exists and to save my level under a different name.
Can anyone explain that?

Try clicking on “Save As”, point to your save location and try overwriting that way. After that, make a change to something, hit CTRL S and see what happens.