Level Artist/Lighting Artist Looking for work.

Hello and Good day! I am currently looking for work opportunities to help develop your stages, levels and improve the atmosphere of your games or demos. Very proficient in creating open world landscapes and procedural systems as well as modular design and greybox setups. Experienced with World Machine as well.

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/maverick99
ArtStation ArtStation - Jayson Kassis

For questions or inquiries please email me at webcats1983@gmail.com


Scrapbook Images designed for practice.


Added new images. Available for work again! Thanks.

Added new images. Available for work. :cool:

Available again. :wink:

Available for work. :slight_smile:

Ready for more work.

Hello AngryBird! We have sent you an email containing a link to one of our open positions regarding open world landscape and environmental design. Hope to hear back from you soon! Thank you for your time.

Updated portfolio. Available for work. :wink:

Available again. :cool:

Available for work again. :slight_smile:

Available for work. Added new images.

Added new sketches. Available for work.

Currently available.

Available again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Added new pictures. Available again.

would love to discuss a level position with you.

please add my discord mysticKIRA#9101

Ready for more work. :muscle:

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Here there! I got a small commission I am trying to find a talent for to support us. Would you be available for a call sometime today or next week monday/ tuesday? I am new to this forum, so haven’t figured out if there are direct messages here yet, ha.