[LEVEL] Anor Londo Inspired UE4 Map

Hey guys, here is another map made for a VR shooter. With the freedom I had, I wanted to do something big and pay homage to one of my all time fav levels ever in games, Anor Londo from Dark Souls. So I created the level with assets given to me and tried to create a symmetrical arena shooter level within that theme.
I’ve added my a fan-version picture of “what if dark souls was made in UE” along with these screen shots… hope you all like it. C&C welcome :slight_smile:

Assets used : Infinity Blade asset pack
(And elemental demon from Epic Games Elemental Demo)

And here is my re-imagining of what if Dark Souls was done in UE :smiley:


Love it!

Love it :slight_smile:

Awesome! Love this so much!

Everything Dark Souls is rad. This is rad.

Very cool!