"Level acting like a planet"

Yeah, got your attention with that title didn’t i :wink:

But seriously,
is it possible to make a level in the form of a sphere at which you’re always attracted to, like gravity?

gr. Yori

Yes. You would probably need to rotate the sphere instead of moving the character though (like a treadmill). I think UE4 is still pretty much a ‘gravity points down’ sort of engine so unless you intend on doing some serious C++ work there’s not really a method for changing which way gravity pulls your character. There’s another post somewhere on the forums where somebody was trying to figure this out if you do a search for it you might get some more or even different info.

Perhaps this topic can help?

That’s not a problem, as long as the environment replies itself as i keep moving forward (just as it would as if it where a sphere)
I do not intend to do C++, let alone “some serious C++”