Level/3D Artist - Individual/Company - 5 scenes to build from scratch

Hi !

We at VR Factory are looking for a talented 3d artist/level artist to create five scenes of indoor locations based on the picture references. Experience in architecture would be a big plus, since we are after real life locations of small public places (detailed info will be delivered via email/skype).

Scenes will be used for VR (VIVE/Oculus at the moment), so basically someone taking the job would need to be aware of the requirements needed to run the scenes smoothly. The task involves doing the geometry, UVs as well as creating the textures and shader set ups. The time frame is 2 to 3 months tops for all of the five scenes to be completed.

We are looking for an either individual who would be up for a challenge or a company. Please post your questions here if you need, although we’d appreciate to send your price quotes, portfolios and questions directly to me @ We can setup a skype call depending on my availability and time zones differences (we are based in Poland).

Some if the technical aspects we are aiming for:

Tris count per scene 500k - 700k
Lightning used - baked lightning
Shaders - preferably supporting Forward Rendering, although not a must. Also one material ID per object.
Textures - between 512 and up to max of 2k, preferably 1k textures.

Looking forward to hearing from ya all !