Let's talk workflow (several questions inside!)

Hello all,

I’m starting next week a game prototype (third person Beat them all, free cam) and I have some questions for you.

First of all, my basic level design is a succession of arena, with some lane to link each others. The arenas are quite big (see the picture at the end of the post), and my question are :

1 / How can I work on each arena in a separate project (each arena is composed of multiple assets, it’s not a “all in one” very big asset, so migration seems difficult…), and merge them all into a final giant project?

2 / Can I create multiple landscapes to make the grounds of 2 arena ine the same project? (I have several arena with dirt and mud on floor, I will try not to built it with “polygon objects”, I want some variations on the ground a real topology…) I’m asking this because if i work on a GIANT landscape for all my game, I will not be abble to use as many materials I want on the ground (I will be limited to the instruction number of the landscape material…) When finished, is it possible to merge multiple landscape into one giant project?

Considering the characters and the animation :

3 / Where can I get a listing of the bones for the classic UE4 avatar? So i can work on animation pack with ease.

Considering now the visal part :

4 / What is the most efficient way to put a color mood in a level when the player cross a certain point (for example, he start the first arena at night, make his way, and when he arrives in the 3rd arena it’s dawn…)… i managed come good lighting and good mood with the skybox skylights etc… but how can I tell the UE4 when the player crosses this point you have to switch to let’s say dawn?

5 / How can you create a distance fog, to hide the assets popping in the distance? Performance hit?

These are my first question,** thank to anyone who can help me**, I start the prototype next week, withe the assets creation, so I can take my time to think about everything in the engine before “leveling”.


Pierre from France

here is a test for the arena size, you can see the entrance of the arena and the exit. This is not the final level, just a go fast project to check a few technical things and test my level creation workflow…

No one can help?

  1. Keep the assets needed for each arena inside your “seperate” projects, then migrate the content to the master project. You might end up with some duplicates though. I’d go with a source control solution (but don’t get 2 people working on the same level the same time!)
    3)You can export the Mannequin/skeleton from Persona, there’s a button. You could also just use ART and upon creation of a custom rig, let it generate the default bones.
    4)Trigger boxes. Then, either PostProccess or what you are already doing with the skylight.
    5)There is an atmospheric fog actor, just type it in the searchbar. Don’t worry about the performance of it much. You might also want to consider using LODs.

Thanks a lot for the hints!

Digging what you said and I come back to debrief!

Okay feel free to tag me for a headsup :slight_smile: