Let's talk about the UI in UE4.

Hi! everyone. I finally decided to learn UE4 yesterday after some serious decision making and motivation boost xD.
And after playing it for a bit with the help from the online documents, I feel like the UI of UE4 seems quite dated and intimidating, like the color pallet is a bit off and the icons can be flatter to fit the modern design, also maybe the overall UI can be more organized. I’m not a UI designer by any means but I use some DCCs like Houdini, Maya, Cinema4d almost everyday, and most DCCs in the industry got some very big UI changes in the recent years to make themselves more friendly to work with. I know the dev team from Epic must be working very hard to implement many new features to Unreal, but I really hope they can make some significant improments to the UI or at least release some modern themes, these are some of my humble opinions and sorry for my bad English.:slight_smile:

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