Lets talk about streaming / cloud gaming

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if I am in the right place to talk about this but it’s something very interesting and I didn’t find any other sections for this subject.
As you know, for the moment HTML5 is very limited and we have to pay attention with the size of our game and some other requirements to make it works.

I would like to have your opinion about this :

  • What do you think about streaming / cloud gaming?
  • Do you know some tools to make your game playable on any device around the world thanks to this technology?
  • For you, what is the best way to make your game playable directly on website without much quality lost or long waiting time before to play?

Thank you in advance for your answers

Check http://x.io (made by Otoy the makers of Octane gpu renderer)
It’s in beta but it’s free at the moment and works. You can judge if the quality is enough for you.
I made a test a while with the Koola’s lightroom demo streamed via X.io :

I’ve also managed to make Unreal Paris work via streaming too. you need a good internet connection!
I believe streaming is going to be the way to go in the future for showcasing projects.

Doing it for something like games is very intensive, to get low latency you have to have a server that’s close enough to you. Large companies like Microsoft or Sony are able to afford that, but others can’t. For the example above, the latency isn’t low enough for gaming, and if you’re wanting to run it all around the world then it probably would run even worse for some people.

Did you build in html5 for this, or can we just upload a regular build?

That example is running on a server and it’s streaming a video image to the user, it’s not running on your machine

Yes, I was aware of that. Just wanted to know if we have to package the project just for Win-32 or if we need to package it as HTML5 to be able to upload to x.io? Was going to try it and and AWS app stream this weekend to see what works better. Thanks!

I like your bookmark :smiley: metal gear solid, cg architect :smiley:
Maybe this is solution to encryption thread, stream project to client?

I haven’t tried X.IO in a while but at the time I uploaded that scene the service was ‘‘rough’’. Mouse control wasn’t very good. You couldn’t go 100% fullscreen and you needed a very good connection and their gpus in the cloud were a bit outdated (if they haven’t changed since then). It was the equivalent of a gtx 680. (nividia k520 grid iirc)

I got one of my arch viz demos to run okay on x.io. When I uploaded my bigger/nicer one though the app keeps crashing on startup. It says that my UE4game-Win32-shipping.exe stopped working. Anybody know what may have caused this? Don’t know if its corrupted (I packaged it for x.io multiple times) or if the level is just too demanding.