Let's Talk : About packaging Game Tips and tricks

I’m new user in this forum .
And i really want to discuses with you abut this subject , cause i read many threads about how to export game , more of them they face problem how to export game …
like ( Slow when packaging - Crash while packaging - Failed when packaging ) Other Engine as i know it will not take to match time to export game .

Correct me if i wrong .

As i know if your project large let’s say level 1 your level is big with more asset models and then you build game packaging you will see slow and maybe it will take more than 4 hours to finish export , of course!! no one want that, when i searched here i found where is problem , the problem that your others models you are not used in level it will take too match time to analyses which models you used in level and the other it will be ignored !

Then how to solve this problem ?
It’s easy delete all other models, materials, textures, blueprints etc that you not used in your level , after that when you packaging it will be short time to finish

Now tell me ? is this correct ?
And please give us tips and tricks share with us who have experience also how made games should to share with us to make our games easier for packaging.

Thanks A LOT