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Im thinking about a mayhem mod, with pistols shooting like a minigun with bouncing projectiles, the revolver shooting rockets, laser shotguns, the laser rifle with beams, 2x or 3x the amount of robots and your life total to compensate.

What about the Unreal Tournament & Paragon levels? They would be an awesome playground!!!

We’re getting ready to ship a version of DM-Chill next week, as well as some other Paragon goodies :slight_smile: Stay tuned!

Teleport 360 mod

When the mod is active, teleportation will point you in the direction relative to the direction you’re looking at, and not relative towards the forward direction of the room.
The standard behaviour has forward teleport point the forward of the room towards that direction - which is great if you’re facing forwards, but terribly confusing when you’re facing any other way.

Installation and Usage:
Download and double click on the .robo file to run the mod installer. Launch game and go to the holographic platform. Load up the Teleport360 mod and then load a mod level.
Unfortunately, mods don’t seem to work in the main game at this time.

**Download Here: ** Teleport360.robo - Google Drive

Wow this is awesome, this is how the teleport mechanic was meant to be. On those catch and throw into the vortex levels/segments this nearly doubled how many I can throw into the vortex, I didn’t find myself fighting the teleport mechanics. Will be cross posting this onto the Oculus forums, this is awesome

Trump Recall

It’s a great mod. Some people say it’s the best mod, I don’t know, but people are saying it. Trust me folks, it’s tremendous, ok?


Green Machine: Simple Mod, but kinda fun. Turns your pistol full auto w/60 round clip and turns it bright green.

this is gold sir, :smiley:

Pourquoi pas un mod ou on peut incarner un robot en utilisant leur arme et tout

Robo Recall Modding : Polar Recall V1.1 MAP and BOSS update v1.1 2018

Breathe the pure air at high altitude over the Mount UE-16 but don’t relax you have to accomplish your mission AGENT 34…