Lets Make: Pawn from Blueprint in a Blank Project

Hello to you all I think I got the basics of Blueprint. Got all the video tuts done and I want to do something more advanced.

The only problem is that I don’t know how. So lets begin. Also this could be a very good tutorial for everyone :slight_smile:

Here is an input file so we don’t have to tweak with that . Go To Edit>Project Settings>Engine>Input>import (this as .ini the name does not matter)


This is the setup have:

and this is how I got the camera moving. I had to disable Use Controler rotation in [Components]

Well lets see what we can do …

What exactly do you wanna do? But yes I also took like 4 hours to figure out how to get a moving character from an empty project ;), if you really want to do it all by yourself for learning experience…
There should really be a more advanced tutorial about how to create a First/Third Person game from scratch… having absolutely nothing. Then setting up input in preferences, creating the character, character controller, making it work together. Then importing a model, animating it, etc… How to socket weapons, etc… Think this will all come over time ofc.

I also watched all tutorial videos except animation & material. So far I think UE4 is the best engine in the world really. I use Unity3D at work and well, its easy to use but also pretty much useless for anything beyond basic concepts. CryEngine is horrible to use but quite powerful. UE4 is easy to use once you understand it (in contrast to UE3 which I hated to use)… I think we have some awesome time ahead and its fascinating that we can be part of this engine from the very beginning.

I’d like to second what thesaint said. I’d love to see more learning material on building a character controller from scratch in BP. We can disect some of the examples that came with UE4 but a step-by-step guide would help hammer the information home for me and give me a better idea how to create different controllers for different purposes. But hey, it’s still early days. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of third party tutorials coming out in the next month.

As I’m sure thesaint will agree, the learning material and examples that came with UE4 on its first day of release is a whole lot better than Unitys packaged character controller and inhouse tutorials.

OFF:I agree 100% about the engines, UE4 is by far the best price/visuals/ease of use and soon it will have steamOS/linux support…
This is why I think we( as a community) should push it as fast and as hard as we can , because it is a stellar piece of software!

Well I took a break for a few hours now I’going to dig deep into the ue4 documentation , I think i found a way to “class ^^*** extends ***;” so I’m going to look into that and I will post results as soon as I have something.
(ps I managed to make the pawn move but it is using offset )

Agree completely with what’s been said so far. I’ve been doing my best to deconstruct the starter templates coupled with the videos and what’s been posted to the wiki up to this point, but it’s slow going even with prior, decent-ish game engine experience. Some “from scratch” tutorials for different game types would be great, especially since I know the way I’m doing things aren’t the best way to be doing them.

That said, I realize UE4 is still shiny and new, and I’m sure we’ll see more complete how-to tutorials as time goes on (hopefully sooner rather than later). And I’ve got to say that even though I barely know which way is up right now, I’m really enjoying UE4 as a whole.

SWEET I got moving to " work " for now I have almost reached the level of the debug pawn, but its sweet dreams time for me tomorrow I will keep pushing

(I hope the pictures in my posts appear to for too)

Thought i would post this blueprint in this thread as well. I’m just learning the system, and the templates didn’t provide exactly what i was looking for, so i created this blueprint for a player controller. This is a top down system where the player moves in the XY plane, and camera follows the player, but from a traditional top-down game point of view without any rotation derived from player movement ( and with whatever angle you want to put your camera boom at). The player pawn then rotates to match the velocity. I created this so i could use gamepad input rather than click-to-move input. UE4 has been great so far! Really liking the new system :slight_smile:

the and/or boolean weirdness was a vestige of my own confusion just to make sure that pawn rotation only updated during input. it’s actually supposed to be on AND rather than OR.

You should look at the node “Add Actor LocalOffset” much much easier way to move :slight_smile:
took me some time myself to find it^^

This works very well but my goal is to move the pawn with thrust. Like a spaceship , but I want it to be also affected by gravity.

Edit: Physics Thrusters are so much fun :smiley: :smiley:

Good idea about a tutorial that goes from blank to something useful. I’ll see if I can put something like that together next week!

We actually have something just like that already for C++ on the wiki, and a some of it still relevant if you are using BPs:

Hahaha this is so true.

Open the content examples project then open the Blueprint_Input_Examples.umap, the last example in that map is the UFO with physics driven movement.

thanks man did not know that it will sure as hell help me

i started to delve into a similar PC/Pawn as well using the UFO blueprint as a general guide. i found a good way to implement gravity is to turn on physics simulation in your component defaults of your root object, and then during tick, add an impulse force of whatever you want your lift force to be. the event is then driven through a gate so when ‘jump’ is pressed, the gate is open and when it is released, the gate closes. the drawback here is that with this method, you have to deal with stabilization (physics handler damping and stiffness), so maybe there’s a better way. i should be able to post the blueprint later tonight, but thought i’d add this note while taking a 2min break from the day job.

here’s the basic lift control:

and here’s a video of the result:

Nice I made my pawn and now I’m working on some melee weapons that can interact with Apex Destructibles and when I’m done i will post some blueprints :slight_smile:

That would be super useful and very much appreciated. Thanks

I followed what you have and it kind of works, it spawns me inside the ground though, whether I use spawn from Player Start or from camera view. Also, the camera is constantly spinning right. Any suggestions?

Well I made something and here it is. Hope it helps

Simulate Physics true

Angular damping 50
Linear damping 5

Block All

Spring Arm
Target Arm Length 0
Camera Settings
Use Controller View Rotation true

Camera Settings
Use Controller View Rotation False

And here is the script

Awesome, that latest one works pretty well! it feels a little floaty, but it works! :smiley:

Looking at the latest example I see a ‘Get input axis move up’ for the life of me I can’t find out how to create this node. I’m able to create the move forward and the move right nodes though. What am I missing haha. Thanks