Let's Make: MOBA Video series

Download Link now available for the latest build!

Download Latest build here:

Hi all,
I wanted to share the video series I’ve been doing.

The Idea is that I will be prototyping a specific game type (in this case a Paragon style MOBA) using the Unreal Engine as far as my skills will allow me. I’ve been improving my skills for the passed year and with all the tutorials and documentation I’ve gone over I feel comfortable enough to get a bit more ambitious with my projects. This isn’t necessarily a “Tutorial” but more a documentation of my journey in making these games.

I’m trying to do these weekly and will update this thread accordingly.

**MOBA Episode 1:**

**MOBA Episode 2:**

**MOBA Episode 3:**

MOBA Episode 4

MOBA Episode 5

MOBA Episode 6

MOBA Episode 7

MOBA Episode 8

MOBA Episode 9

MOBA Episode 10

MOBA Episode 11

MOBA Episode 12

For the lasted episode I used the awesome Epic tutorial for MOBA spawns that can be found here:
Thanks for watching!

Hey all! FYI episode 4 uses the free Infinity Blade Adversaries pack which can be found here:

Thanks for Watching!

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Thanks! glad you like it, New episode coming soon. :smiley:

Hey all!
I went ahead and made a Public Trello (Trello) for the project. Feel free to follow it if you like. As always thanks for watching!

Hey guys I’m back to my regular schedule for this. UE4 Mega jam had me a bit busy. Anyhow episode 6 is here!

Update for Episode 7!

keep up .ur the greatest

Episode 8 now uploaded!

Awesome! no words man with this tutorial series and the ue4 tower defense demo, everyone can make very cool things, as always i said, the best of ue4 is the community ^^

You’re too kind.

New video coming soon!

Finally! Sorry that took so long. Episode 9 now available!

Hey all! sorry for the delay but I’m back! Episode 10 is here.

Hey man keep it up! These are awesome vids!

Thanks a lot! hope not last episode!!!

Hey Mate! Thanks a lot for your videos.

It would be super useful if you could upload your project as a zip or something like that on google drive or dropbox :slight_smile:

So I could quickly take a look at the blueprints and try out some stuff fast by myself.

Thanks again!

Thanks so much for the support guys! So sorry it’s taken me a long time to get back to this but that is coming to an end! (hopefully) Episode 11 In the chamber. Also I am going to post a DL link shortly. Thanks again for your patience! :slight_smile:

Alright i’m getting into some AI here. I don’t know that I get as far as I want to but it’s a good start.


I tried to download it like 10 times , with my PC, and with my mobile phone, but its never working.

For some reason the archive you uploaded is probably broken?

I realy dont know whats wrong, after a few gigs the download is just canceled by chrome and it says “network error”.

Then I used a google drive sync tool, but i got an error in the “data stream”.