Let's Make Child Actors Great Again!

I mean seriously… we have tons of issues still with Child Actors and NO Epic Support on these AnswerHub bug reports:




I mean, I know it’s not UDN, so the Priority is low… but throw us a bone please.

But there are at least some issues (unrelated to above) have been resolved in 4.18:

  • Bug Fix: Compiling a Blueprint containing a child actor component will no longer mark the Blueprint of child actor’s class dirty.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed crash when adding component to child actor class after a component of the same name was removed from the parent.
  • Bug Fix: Child Actors created by transient child actor components are now correctly created as transient. Note that this will not remove existing Actors that had been saved in to maps inadvertently.
  • Bug Fix: Overriden Child Actor Class property will no longer reset to default when a new instance is created through copy/paste.

But were they ever great to begin with? I’ve had nothing but problems. But yes, lets make the great!

Aye, it’s been hit or miss depending on the engine version. It seems like they are bouncing between good and poop status every engine update.