Let's Make a Story Together

This is a fun little exercise we used to do in school to challenge our creativity. Basically, one person starts by telling one sentence of a story. Then, the next person adds a sentence to continue the story. The exercise ends when everyone runs out of ideas or time runs out. I’m hoping to see a lot of creatives in the community participate in this. :slight_smile:

The goal: extend the story, bringing it to ever greater heights.
The reward: feel good about bringing something to the table.
How to play: post one sentence about anything relevant to the current story.
Rules: basic English grammar applies. Capitalize the first letter and finish with a period.
Rule addition (4/8/17): you may post multiple times, but only once per day.

This particular story begins with a knight.

But he lost his armor.

The knight was a honorable and brave man.

One day, whilst flying through his spoon and radiator collection, an irregular psychoanalyst caught his left orange mitten off guard.

Which gave the psychoanalyst the time to steal the mitten and run off to the east with it!

And he lived happily ever after.

I just had to… <_<

Or did he?

Alas, this was wishful thinking on the psychoanalyst’s part, for the money made by pawning off the mitten to a noob adventurer wasn’t enough to pay the month’s rent, and his wife, well, that’s another story.

And the psycoanalyst didn’t of course think of the ramifications of messing with the space time continuum as in the correct timeline the mitten was not stolen, in turn causing a rift in time sucking the psychoanalyst, Knight, A heavy metal lead guitarist named Sue, and a ton of rubber chickens to be dumped into the lair of the Dragon!

But , after they landed on the Dragon’s layer , they were chased by the pennywise the clown who was hiding inside the nearby cave where they landed . The Knight threw rubber chickens at him to shoo him away but , was saved when the clown ate Sue leaving the guitar alone along with the Knight , the psychoanalyst and the rubber chickens .

As our heroes cower from the evil clown, the heavy metal gods were angered by this transgression against their people. And show up in mass to kill the clown with their power! But another great power also resides in this lair… The dragon which has been roused from his slumber!

The dragon was peaceful so he thought of settling the whole matter via a football match .
Sir Alex Ferguson is the referee and the graphics quality is set to Super Mario for the legendary match to start
The starting 11 of both the teams are as follows : …

Princess Pixels, TAA ghosting, WIFI (it just broke up with connected) broke onto the field the match is delayed while we find DFGI.

Unfortunately DFGI was hiding in Sue’s pocket.

And in this pocket, there is this knight in the shining armor who has been hiding.

But out of the pocket the truth surfaces the knight is in Clash Royale and has just met his match a baby dragon!

As everybody knows, heavy metal guitarists can manipulate reality by fitting more twiddles in a twiddly dee than anyone else.

Knit knit knit those guitar strings, will they twiddle or will they twee, in any case ravelry is not for me.

and thus the baby dragon became the world and the knight was encompassed in mitten wielding super mario’s who revived sue in all her splendorous glory.

And there he found a sword in stone. He tried to stick his sword out of the stone. As a result, he thrust out a sword with a stone from the ground. Now he runs away from the raging townspeople.