Let's make a game like "metal gear rising"

Hey guys, I’m new in Unreal Engine, but I want to make a game. WITH YOUR HELP !
Please HELP me to make a game like Metal Gear Rising !
I’m new game developement, but I can make realy cool Levels…
But I need finsher moves and dismemberment, particles and a human character.
So please help me !
Thank you for reading my thread.

Colin Edrich

You can start with prototype gameplay using third person template.

From there, google feature what you looking for and add that to your projects.

Since your are new, I recommend start small.

I suggest start small, and doing some prototype and let people know your skill before recruiting

Get the reading so you can learn how to do this.

After that, you will need
-third person character
-some animations (just one, really) - I suggest mixamo because it’s free, but no good root motion, you will have to re root the character.
-mesh slicing - UE4 can slice on static meshes, but I don’t know about skeletal meshes
-time dilation to slow down time
-other things - sound, post processing, etc