Let's create a common library of complex elements!

IVS for UE5. This is an advanced alternative to GameInstance that was easy to translate. I think that you do not know the language that is specified in the settings. Interface elements now allow different tooltip widgets. I realized I was able to swoop. I think this can do much better. Finally, you can choose a color with support for improved localization in a text file.;base64

Programming Consistency:

  1. IVS variables edited in the game must be in the corresponding subcategories of the IVS/Instance category.
  2. The names of the IVS variables inherited in the IVS/Class category with the Folder variable begin with №.
  3. The names of the variables edited in the game in the IVS/Instance category begin with R. Bugs: Redefinition in the NameSet, PreConstruct, LoadVariable editor leads to the crash of the launched assembled project.
    Let’s create a library for fast typesetting of games together!
    Instance Variable Saver