Let's all contribute to a GTA_Game =)


I’m looking for help to help create a GTA style game platform. That people can download and use for there own project. I haven’t found any decent tutorials that can help me out with a starting point for me. I’ve got a custom biped rig and 3d mesh from max into ue4 working. I have camera set up to a socket and 3rd person mesh is now fps mesh. But regardless of what video I watch my character doesn’t move or aim ingame. I am happy to post my level and models and animations online if anyone is keen to help me out. I am new to unreal 4 but I have been using udk for sometime. I can pay you by making character animations if they use custom rig I’ve used in max. All I’m wanting to help with is a 3rd and 1st person game, that have drive able vehicles in it. Exiting vehicle, you spawn outside instead of inside car. If you can please help me out I would be happy to make any character animations for you. Thanks. =)

Hey V8matey,

best place to get a team together for a project is forums in the “Got Skills? Looking for Talent?” section:

If you’re looking for more general advice on how to set up that type of game, forums are still best place to find help. AnswerHub is more useful when specific questions about functionality or using Editor.

Best of luck with your project!

Thank you so much.
Wasn’t sure where to post this.
But thanks for link will post there, much respect to ya buddy. =)