Let users use the comma key as a decimal point in inspector windows

Hi there

In America, a decimal point is always written as a dot. In many other countries we use a comma. Therefore, many keyboards with non-english layouts have a comma-key on their numpad instead of a period-key/dot.
Having worked with various 3D engines and other design tools over the years, I have come to expect that the software I’m using is agnostic with regards to which decimal point I use. Both dot and comma work fine. UE is an unfortunate exception. A comma keypress while entering a value in an inspector window will simply be ignored, and users have to move their hand away from the numpad to type a dot, interrupting the workflow and years and years of muscle memory.

It seems like such a small thing but honestly it would make a huge difference in usability for a vast number of users outside the US (And UK I presume).

Thanks for reading!

Hi Syverlauritz,

I wanted to let you know I have passed this feature request along to the team. As soon as there are any updates, I will get back to you!

Is there an ETA on that change? Because as a European, this is really annoying.


This has been supported for some time now, assuming your editor locale is set correctly (see Editor Preferences -> Region & Language -> Editor Locale), although it was temporarily broken for some earlier preview releases of 4.26.

If you have a specific example of where this isn’t working, then please let us know.


Thanks for that info bit Jamie, after changing the Locale it works perfectly now. :slight_smile: