Let us "Make" and "Break" Blueprints

We have the “Make” and “Break” option on rotations, vectors, transforms and a lot of other stuff… Can we get it on our own Blueprints as well? Right now we have to make so many lines to get all the stats we have exposed on our Blueprints. This would make it a piece of cake.


Also, could we get a “multiple setter” on our Blueprints? it should function basically like a “Make” node. It should expose all our variables and we could just plug in our override values to that single node.


Goes along the lines of my idea to put blueprints on an event graph of their own. That way you could see casts, interfaces, event calls, etc in a visual manner similar to the rest of blueprint.

I assume this would just show the public variables?

The Make and Break should only be the public variables yeah…

But the multiple setter should be different depending on where it was called from. If it was inside the class itself, it should also allow for the private variables I think.

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Hello Rasped,

I was looking over the thread and I found this idea interesting. I have written up a report (UE-13875) and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration.

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