Let enemy appear at a specific time

Can somebody help me with this? I know how to create a descent day/night cycle but I want to let some specific enemy’s/monsters appear only at day and others only appear at night. Can somebody point me to the right direction?

You can make Spawner Actors that you place in your level.

You can either have the spawners poll the Day/Night cycle for the time, or have the Day/Night cycle manager send an event out that the time changed.

Then spawn the appropriate creatures.

In the Creatures AI, have them either check yoru Day/Night cycle for the time and take appropriate behavior based on the time, such as burst into flame. Or, have your Time Cycle Manager send an event to all the Actors in the level and tell them the cycle changed, they can then decide for thems self if they nee dto do something on the change.

Here is a link to spawning: link text

You can put that in a Blueprint Actor that you place in the level, or add it to a volume you make.

Thank you very much !