Let a Text Mesh fall to the ground

Hello everyone,
im kinda new to the UE4, so pleas dont hate me for this maybe stupid question.
Im currently inside a Sidscroller template, i created a text with blender and imported it to unreal. Now i want this text drop like a realy heavy object in the background to the ground. But i dont know exactly what changes i have to make, to let it drop like i want to. I changed the mass in kg and also the mass scale, thats the only thing i would change as an noob, since i dont know what everything else does. I also created a physics BP and attached it to the mesh ( Simple collision physiccak material ) in case this i even necessary.
So can anyone tell me how to make it possible ? i dont know what gravity it currently set to, but i hope i dont have to do anything with it :confused:

Assuming it’s a static mesh did you enable simulate physics in the details panel? Also does it have Collison set up?