Lerping or Vinterp move character issue.

No matter what I’ve tried I cannot get the character to move over time vs teleport to a new location.


This is only one such attempt.

I’ve tried lerping, ive tried vinterp ive tried using the delta time of event tick, ive tried everything I can come up with.

I’m trying to move from where he is in the picture below to where the trace hits. As it is with that blueprint he almost starts but doesn’t really go anywhere.


I figured it could be because the direct path to the hit point is through a ledge, so he hits the ledge then it fails to move him the whole way. So I tried having him go straight up… same thing.

Does anybody know how to get this to properly work? Every solution I’ve seen on the forums and reddit do not seem to work for me, or I am doing it wrong.

are you using a timeline or tick as your input…I do believe it needs to be called more than once to work…if you’ve more pics of the graph it might help determine the problem…

Yes, the whole thing runs on event tick and of course it goes through several traces and branches so I’m sure by the time it gets here it fires once, so at this point if the last trace hits like in the picture it sets a variable. And at the beginning right at the event tick it has a branch, if the variable is true it goes straight into that set actor relative location so it should be getting all the update it needs to work. Or so I assume.

Edit: I’ll post pictures as soon as I can but im away for the moment.

Set Actor Location rather than Set Actor Relative Location.

The relative location nodes make sense for components but are often unpredictable for (non-child) actors.

That was actually the first thing I had, I changed it to relative in one of my many attempts. Like I said I’ve tried everything Ive read online and could think of. Set actor location had the same results. Can anyone post a picture of something that moves the actor successful?

EDIT: Maybe its the next part messing it up I was able to get something going… Will report back.

If I let that be the last node, it works fine.

EDIT: Putting a delay on it solved it. Turns out the next node changed the bool that was required for this lerp anyways… I was under the impression it wouldn’t get to it until the actor moved to the location. Apparently I was wrong.