Lerping multiple Cubemaps -> Flicker

Hi there. I’m trying to lerp multiple Cubemaps of a SkyLight depening of the Time of Day.
For this I’m using a float [0,1] as the input and using inRange to determine which Cubemap to take.
After that I use the “Map Range clamped” on this range to get the Alpha for the Cubemap Blend.
Unfortunately, the Cubemaps flicker/switch back when the Section of the Cubemap ends:

My blueprint looks like this:

And the call looks like this:

Someone knows the issue? The float seems to be working correctly.

€dit: I purposely blend between the same Cubemap to stretch the cubemap’s time.

Only very blind shot: try to clamp that value between 0 and 0,95 (not 1), in my project i had some flickering problems and that clamp solved it
btw, whats “seiken” ? :slight_smile:

Clamping doesn’t work. The Problem persists.

I updated the function a bit,
but somehow the Cubemap’s Blending gets resetted first, and THEN the new SourceCubemap applied.