Lerp Vectors in time

The title pretty much says it all… I am currently using a timeline to set the position of an object with the lerp vector node. I want the vector to lerp between A-B and be done within a specified time… Currently i know no way to do this, and any help would really help

You must be very close to what you want to achieve because you described it pretty much like this:


And the curve that goes with it:

Instead of float track, which in this case outputs a value from 0 to 1 over 1s, you can have a vector track inside of the Timeline but that is somewhat less flexible.

Hope it helps.

The length of the Timeline is set to 1s. If you SetPlayRate to 1, it will last 1s. If you set it to 2, it will play twice as fast. If you SetPlayRate to .1, the Timeline will last 10s.

The way i output the vector (through lerp or the timeline) doesn’t matter that much, The thing that i want is either a function, node or any way to make the timeline finish within a timestamp. The setlength node dont work, because that only extends the play area, not the curve etc. The playbackrate is probably what i am after, but i currently have no way to have it take in any number and then take that as the timestamp… If you know what i mean