Lerp (Rotator) ease problem?

Using Lerp Rotator I’ve noticed it finishes turning before the Alpha reaches 1. Is it because it eases?

Can you show your code?

Not sure u will understand it, bit of a noodle junction atm. It’s a delay loop with world delta seconds++, look at rotation to Lerp Rotator to Set Actor Rotation.

Yeah, just judging by this, it’s going to be of nightmarish nature :wink: Perhaps it’d be easier to tell us what the end goal is.

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Just a simple rotate to mouse hit location, with ease in and out then fire an event when rotated.

Well, you either show us how you’re doing it, we poke holes in it, you fix it, move on and we all learn something new or you’re stuck. Your call at this point.

In short: what you’re saying does not add up. When you say Lerp & Ease at the same time, I’m thinking you’re interpolating twice and comparing inaccurate floats on top when you Fire.

Not sure u will understand it


Just a simple rotate to mouse hit location

Which one is it then? We all understand simple - break down the part that is not simple so we can understand it better. Untangling someone else’s rat’s nest of wires is as much fun as grilling them for additional info…

So far I’ve gotten this:

Does not tell me much :expressionless:

Ok tidied it up …

Having a rough day but fixed it, needed to set the Actor Rotation as a variable before running the loop. I swear I tried it but guess not.

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If you ever need to run Delay like this, you’re not approaching things right. It should never be necessary. If this gives you a headache, consider posting the end goal - as in, how it’s supposed behave.

What would you suggest?