Lens value in play mode? (sorry, noob question)

Hi folks,

When i hit the “play” button, i’m transported into my scene as either 1st or 3rd person.

And i have a certain field of view, let’s say (for the sake of argument), equivalent to a 24mm lens.

My question is: is it possible to change this field of view? To, say, a 55mm lens, or maybe 16mm? Or maybe even an orthographic view?

Sorry if this is a stupid question! … cheers!


Just to clarify, are you looking to change the lens value when you Play? In other words, On Event Begin Play -> Set Lens to 55mm?

Or do you simply want to change the Lens value outside of any blueprint code?

Hey Jason,

Since i posted this i realized that in some templates (like third person), you can access the PIE FOV by going into PIE, edit then third person actor blueprint, and in there you can edit the follow camera, changes the lens, make it orthographic, whatever.

But’s what’s really confusing me is that in some other templates, like for example: new project > third person > blank, there is no actor blueprint listed in the outliner (when in PIE mode), yet, we’re still looking thorough a certain lens / FOV?!

So that’s what im really not getting, where is this camera hiding when there’s no main actor blueprint to edit in the outliner? (which is the case all the really simple, stripped down templates).