Lens effect of camera view

I am trying get a fish-eye (barrel) effect view of a rear vision camera.
I want a camera as object located in center of the car bumper as rear vision camera and the view of the camera is distorted like fish eye

This is what actually time as final product .I want the view to be looked like in end.

Please find the image below as what i am trying as starting effort( Note i am Beginner in this Unreal Engine 4)

Currently i a using a car which is a demo of unreal engine 4 as below.

The cine camera actor i want to looking like rear vision of car with the image getting the fish eye effect

Is there any functions ,i can put in the events like when car is in reverse. I get the camera image seen above the car Bumper.

I want the following lens effect (Barrel distortion):…ng/distortion/

Links i am looking at:…ml?sort=oldest