Lens calibratrion for matching real camera lens


In VP a good match between real footage and CG elements is very important.
Like said at 14:02 of this presentation:

Is a there a simple way to send real camera lens distortion data to UE4 camera ?
What kind of tool should I use to extract real camera lens calibration data ? OpenCV ? ST Map ? From a Fov calcultor like this one Camera Field of View Calculator (FoV) ?
How could I send these calibration data to UE4 ?
Is there a tutotrial or a guide somewhere to do that in a straightforward way ?

i ran into this issue few days ago and the way i figured it out is by solving camera in motion tracking using blender, when you get 8 point tracked in blender you can solve the camera, based on what you provide the solver about your camera the accuracy of the lens distortion is based on the result of your solve error, if you get it around 0.1 then it should be almost accurate, as you see in this screenshot i tested a focal length of 4.7 and when i clicked to solve the camera motion i got close it by 4.9 with the K1-3 distortion fields. my experience in Blender led me to use that method, i think there are other ways to do so.

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Hi @naseemshanbour, but once you have your distortion coefficients, how are you using them in UE4?

Did either of you manage to find out where to use them?

The right panel in blender is the calibration result, you apply the k lens series to Media output parameters and lens focal length for the cine camera settings