LenovoPad Yoga Tablet 2-1050L Problem

Unreal 4.0 don’t see device: LenovoPad Yoga Tablet 2-1050L. Drivers, android SDK - all installed. I’ve Windows 8, and android 4.4.2 on tablet. Any ideas? Is it possible to lunch apps on this device? Regards, Marcin

Is the USB debugging active on the device?
Did you connect any other devices to your machine and did they work?

I was actually considering Lenovo tablets as testing platforms myself, so I am really interested if they do allow for seamless workflow. My wife’s LG phone is a nightmare to work with for example whereas my Sony Xperia M is a perfect testing device. Some manufacturers really do like to mess up the software on their devices…


YES, but not at the same time offcourse. Alcatel Onetouch works great (the same android version) , as You can see on the picture bellow:
Don’t know what to do… Lenovo has such a great devices…

I agree

Maybe you should try the Lenovo support. All you need is to make it work in ADB mode after all.