Lenovo IdeaPad G510 (i7 4700MQ edition) for gamedeveloping

Do you think this laptop can run UE4 fine?

Intel Core i7 (4. generasjon) 4700MQ / 2.4 GHz (3.4 GHz, turbo)
8GB DDR3 ram, supports 16.
Intel HD Graphics 4600 (How much can you compare the intregrated graphicscard to the dedicaded ones on laptops these days?)
1TB 5400OPM SATA600 HDD.
15" 1366 x 768 ( 16:9 HD ) LED
Dolby Advanced Audio

No thoughts?

I personally would buy a PC instead of a notebook :stuck_out_tongue: But I would recommend you to buy one with a nvidia/asus gpu, because intregrated ones aren’t soo good -> I can see it with my laptop.

Intel GPU -> low fps
when I switch to my Nvidia gtx 600 M -> acceptable fps

Fixed it for you.

If you’re wanting something good for games or game development, you’ll need to look for one that specifically has a dedicated GPU rather than the integrated Intel GPU

I have a powerful desktop pc with

Intel i7 2600K 3.4 GHZ
ASUS ROG Maximus IV Extreme B3
ASUS ROG GeForce 680 2GB Cuda
8GB ram and a 60GB SDD with Windows 7 64bit
(Case: HAF932)

So my desktop works fine for gamedeveloping :slight_smile:
I will look for one with a Nvidia dedicaded card then. How is those 1/2GB GPUM cards? How will UE4 perform on a GPUM?

Im looking for an laptop that “matches” my desktop specs, so I can work with UE4, Photoshop CC and 3Ds Max at work. 15" and a Intel i7 is a must. Pricerange is 5000 NOK and not an Acer laptop.

I do all my development on a laptop and am very happy with it. But I prefer the flexibility of working anywhere over being tied to a desk.

I usually shop at XoticPC as they offer fulfillment thru Amazon. 5000 NOK is about $800 US, and you’re getting bare-bones for a development machine at that price for what you want to do. The MSI-G60 Leopard would work, except that it only has an i5, but it wouldn’t be very fast. If you could go 1000 NOK more, you’re looking at MSI GP60 Leopard-009 with i7 and Nividia 840M which would be a decent machine if you’re not looking for top performance.

When you want a cheap notebook, you could always buy the one that I have :slight_smile:

Engine Version: 4.3.0
System Model: Lenovo Ideapad Y580
Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 660 M
Operating System: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
System Resolution During Test: 1920x1080

Resolution Scale: 100%
View Distance: Epic
Anti-Aliasing: Epic
Post Processing: Epic
Shadows: Epic
Textures: Epic
Effects: Epic

Editor Viewport FPS: 20
Play in Viewport FPS: 21

Thats another good point for buying a laptop :slight_smile:

I found this one (Site on Norwegian)!tab:extra
But then I have to pay the same that I did for my desktop pc, but I think I can go 1000 NOK more :). I dont think I can afford the MSI laptops. They are around 9-11000 NOK.

Seems like good value, and should run UE4 fine!

I don’t read Norwegien, but I can read the tech specs:D Looks like a nice laptop at a great price. Mine is the next step up on all the parts and runs UE4 great, so this one should run it fine as well.

Then Ill think I go for the Y50-70. Thanks for all inputs! /Solved

I have a similar question. I want to get a laptop. Do you think the editor would work at a framerate over 30 or 40 fps with these specs ?
Laptop ASUS G56JR-CN168D, Intel Core i7-4700HQ up to 3.4GHz, 15.6" Full HD, 8GB, 500GB, nVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M 2GB GDDR5, Free Dos

I have been shopping around for a decently powerful laptop, and I can find no better deal than the Lenovo Y50 (non touch model), with a GeForce GTX 860M 4GB card, it would be pretty powerful and definitely should be able to handle Unreal without too much trouble!

Here’s all the specs for it, and it’s also on sale this week so if you can afford it, pick it up!

EDIT: wow, the word s-n-a-t-c-h isn’t allowed here? Even in its non-offensice form? Replaced with “pick it up” instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

This post shows a 755M getting around 25 fps, so I doubt you will get 30-40 out of a 760M.

Seems that there is a big difference between gt and gtx cards. Found these specs:
Engine Version: 4.3.0
System Model: G750JX
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 770M
Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit
System Resolution During Test: 1920x1080

Resolution Scale: 100%
View Distance: Epic
Anti-Aliasing: Epic
Post Processing: Epic
Shadows: Epic
Textures: Epic
Effects: Epic

Editor Viewport FPS: 55 
Play in Viewport FPS: 56Attached Files Attached Files

The card I posted is GTX 760m and the card with these results is GTX 770m. What fps could I get on a GTX 760m ?

I"d say probably somewhere 30-40fps, depending on a few different factors. It could be very similar performance to the 770m, if you have a fairly high amount of VRAM (I’m talking like 4GB), but if you have a low amount (2GB or fewer), it’d probably give you the 30-40fps instead.

I went for the Asus ROG G550, and Unreal Engine runs very nice. Heres a short video of the Architecture-project: