Lemosla's Rise to power.

I am working on a game that I started as a fps, rts, rpg. this was to give the player the feel of leading an army into battle. I draw back come from issues programming ai. Now I have slightly changed my direction to a game about attempting to take over the world. I will post a video in the coming weeks on the different feature I have added, and update to the ui.

Currently I am working on implementing a combat system wich will lead into an equipment system, and then a strong focus on my ai.

already implemented is an dynamic inventory system, a great starting hud, a building system for managing your towns, a crafting system that will be changed in the future but is needed for building your buildings, and much more.

anyone interested in assisting with this project please send me a message, and I would love to have the help.

During my creation I plan on adding venders that will wonder into different towns, or get attacked by bandits on their travels. I also wish to add trade routes for the player so they can acquire different things from other towns, or even sell their items to those towns.

my crafting system will be based around paying townsfolk to craft items for you. this will include needing some ai to cut down the trees, mine for iron, and grow crops. these ai will in turn sell you what they gathered. at the end of every week you will collect rent off the villagers based on how many of them there are, and tax rate you set.

this will also be governed by you needing to change everything you do into profit, and possibly even needing to pay a tax to the crown based on your earned income. if you become the royalty at this point you the future I wish to encourage the player to start wars with other country’s, and take over the world.

Seems like a good start. What sort of world does this game take place in?

nice this game is going to be a a large mix between a sim game and a 1st/3p rpg im thinking that maybe i can start it mid evil fantasy style, and then i can sell a dlc later for a more modern feel, and then one for a future feel. the rpg will be added mostly because i think every game needs to make the players feel that they can customize them self or part of the game.

Building system 2.0 will be finished by end of month where i may take up to 2 weeks break before i add more updates