"Legged" vehicle - Based on vehicle or character?

I did a good searching around for this issue, but couldn’t find anyone having brought it up before. If it has been, I sincerely apologize for reposting the issue.

Basically I’m looking at trying to make a legged vehicle. Think something like the “tank” from “Ghost in the shell”. http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/019/2/3/23f524f5775765bc02a156e47afbc3b7-d2pg54g.jpg

Now the issue I’m looking at is that it seems that the vehicle base class in UE4 caters only to wheeled or tracked vehicles. While this legged vehicle will still have a lot of the constraints in movement that a vehicle will normally operate under, it is also legged and so will also have properties that pertains to more classic legged characters.

So my question is, should I attempt to built a legged vehicle on the vehicle class or should I go with building it on the character class?

Take a look at Unreal Tournament 3 - there are a few walking vehicles included in that game. Whilst UT3’s vehicle setup is older, it’s still very similar in a number of ways :slight_smile:

Thx for the answer. I tried looking around for the Unreal Tournament 3 API, but I couldn’t seem to find it or references to vehicles like the “Darkwalker”. Having studied the vehicle class in UE4 closely now, it seems that things that has legs does not qualify as vehicles, and I’m probably easier off just making an actor with rigid restrains on movement. Thx anyways though.

You can make the character be the legs and the other part be the vehicle with weapons etc is an idea? Dunno how this would work but thats how i would approach it.

The UT3 gameplay source is freely available. Do not confuse the UDK demo game for it as this is a much smaller subset of code. The Darkwalker is a good example of a legged vehicle and much of it’s implementation is visible in the gameplay source.