Legends Of Dungeons - Individual University Project

Hey guys

As my final year at University is slowly finishing, I was working hard on my individual project. I have implemented lots new feature, as level streaming, combat system and a lot of others. One of the biggest challenge was level streaming as the idea of the game is whatever you kill once, it will stay dead forever, and with the games without loading screens it was quite challenging, as level streaming all the times load every objects which are inside the level. I have sorted out this problem with my own system which determine whenever it should load NPC or not, also disable their movement and etc… There is still a lot of place for improvement for my level streaming management, as the game is top down style, all interactable actors have bind event on click, and also on mouse over begin and end. All this events are still called even if NPC are in different locations so it possibly can slightly reduce FPS. Another bigger challenge was combat system, as I did not wanted to detect collision for my auto-attack with collider. Way how I do it is by interactiong with targeting system and Notify in animation system, as I know what is my target I felt like detecting the collision with my target one more time is quite performance wasting.nThe game is far away from being perfect, as you can see on the video there are plenty bugs and issues which will have to be sorted out.

**New things implemented:

  • Level Streaming (4 Levels Implemented)
  • Destructibles
  • Basic NPC Behaviour
  • Item Drops
  • Simple Combat System
  • Added new audios

Do not own licence for every sound effects and audios as it is just university project. I am not planning to release the game at the moment, if my plans will change in future, all assets without licence will be removed from the project.**

Game is mostly written in C++, Blueprints are used only for animations and User Interafce

Newest video

Older videos
Equipment System - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjWH…3QTpwz3w_v8FdE
Winter Level - LoD - Winter Level Test (Unreal Engine) - YouTube

Hope so you enjoy my progress