Legals about

In 2015 I made a tool called for sharing and rendering blueprints in a webpage.

I wanted to know if I’m good with all the legal stuff? Or there is some legals texts to add? A mandatory link?
I already have a small text in footer and in the terms of use page.

For the moment that website is fully free, the only cost is the server that i’m paying alone.
The server is located in France in Europe.

And if you find my english hesitating it’s because I’m french.

I would be Intressted in this since I might work on something in the Future that would Fall under the same Legal Question. The Concern rancoud2 and I have most likely are Copyright violations, how to not take responsibility for the abuse of the Platform/Service. (deleting Violations of Copyright ofcourse)

Technicly speaking it would be a Copyright issue if I would take a Marketplace Item that consist of a single Blueprint and Copy Paste it publicly here or on BlueprintUE as Example. Right? Its not the Asset itself but enables others to recreate it without effort on their end.

I’m ok with your page and how you’ve done it.

Please make it as plugin or some editor standalone tool. I will be very happy to buy it and download from Unreal Marketplace!!! Very need for my work to export opened in editor blueprints to sequence of images because PrtScr and scrolling is ugly and not work for me!!!

Thank you!