Legality of Selling Prints of Renders

I hope I put this into the correct section. I want to render out art images from Megascans content using Unreal and then sell prints of them on ArtStation. Would a 5% royalty be required? Thanks for any answers.

I’m no laywer, but I’m pretty sure the 5% royalty on applies to “interactive experiences” such as games, and VR. Things like pre-rendered movies and art aren’t interactive, and thus don’t require royalty.

You can sell any non-interactive media with no royalty fee. So any images and videos created with Unreal Engine can be sold that way.

Thanks. I guess I’m just surprised that Megascans are still free.

Hi, I’m currently in the process of starting a small on-man-studio, aiming to sell short Product animations, renderings and that kind of stuff. I did read the EULA of the Creator and the Publishing Licenses, where I read that i can use Unreal and the Megascans included in the Unreal Unlimeted Plan to freely share linear, non interactive content like videos via twitch or youtube. As english isn’t my native language, I’m having a hard time figuring out if or how i could use it commercialy.

For example if I’m creating an animation which a future client would use as header for his website, would it be possible for me to use unreal for projects like this?

I was trying to contact unreal directly via the costum license option, but as my business isn’t founded yet, i could’t use the contact formular, cause I would need to fill in a websitelink and businessname, which don’t exist at this point.

best wishes, matis