[Legal] Question on UE Asset Licenses


A bit complex question on UE license of Assets. Over the years I have acquired UE assets worth several thousand $. Now I am planning to start a business but do I need to buy all the assets again under the company name, so that I can use them legally?

Or is it possible to ‘transfer’ the license and does the legal form of the company affect this, ieg. if I work as a sole proprietor where everything about the company is tied to my name?

I would love to get some input especially from UE or other pros.


Generally speaking there is no way to transfer license to someone else over your purchase, but as long you stay on that company as proprietor, the company and every other developer under it can use the assets owned by you, since they are qualified as a developer team. If you leave the company transferring the ownership to someone else, the company can’t use those assets anymore, which means that they will need to purchase the assets to keep any projects which needs them.

This is the general understanding of the Marketplace rules over the years and repeatedly discussed at these forums.


Thank you, very good info. I expected it might be along these lines.