Legal Question about using templates/assets

I’m a solo dev making a game and a lot of the assets I have right now are from free templates I found. For example!

that’s in the learning section of ue4


Is it a bad idea to use these assets in a commercial game? Should I mention people in the credits? Are there any standard emails/templates for contacting other devs regarding commercial rights?

I reprogrammed the UE4 source code and made a pretty fun game but a lot of the assets are in these packages and I want to follow the law.

For example there’s a hangglider section in the landscape learner template, if I used that in a commercial game in actual game situations is that considered a bad thing to do?

You are feel to use assets from Epic in UE4 games. Also if the asset was labeled as free and there was no mention of any license are stipulations, It should be fine to use as well. Double check if they mention any sort of license, the most common licenses on “free” stuff are mentioned here About The Licenses - Creative Commons

Still and nice and respectful thing to do is to credit everyone, sometimes customers even think content is ripped off or stolen if it’s no properly credited.

What kind of credits section do these assets/creators go in? Should I list the packages or assets or just thank the creator?

Just a note–if something is posted without any info on license or what rights they give you to use it then you need to try and contact the owner and get permission, otherwise it’s a risk. There’s a lot of places online where you can download models that might actually be ripped from games so you need to check.

If you use assets from somebody you have to verify if they are free for commercial use or not. It’s not secure to just place some credits or ask somebody else. Even if somebody in this forum swears it’s free it does not mean a lot if it’s not the original author. Regarding your mentioned assets… I think you should be fine. But check yourself to get sure what you may and what you may not do with it:

Marketplace/Learntab stuff from Epic: - search for “you can also ship it in your own products, too!”!&p=261151&viewfull=1#post261151 - Search for “use it in non-commercial, commercial, thank me, dont thank me” - Search for “Free for Commercial use”