Legacy UDK forums Search option is useless.

Im not sure what you guys did but it cannot find threads using simple words as PAWN or AI!(same with longer search therms).In fact i cant find anything.
Before it was working better.

Bump on this.
By the way does anyone have success using the search option?(doubt its just me)

On the other hand when i type in google something like epic games udk forum i do get a link but it says

It works fine for me

Hi O_and_N.

I’ve tested and I’m not seeing a problem. Running a search for ‘pawn’ returns 500 results: Search Result - Epic Games Forums

Admittedly AI doesn’t return results, but I think that’s a limitation of the forum software not searching for 2 character words. I’ll see if we can override that.

As for the link (UDK - Epic Games Forums) it’s expected that particular URL won’t load anymore, the structure of the site has been changed.

It gives 500 results to me too (havent seen them all)but if you look more close at the results you will notice that for example with the word PAWN you get results from the ut2004 forum and a few other places but NOT from the udk threads.If you type ¨¨pawn¨¨ again in the search bar and choose search in UDK only option you will get 0 results.Try it

For the ¨¨pawn¨¨ example word i expect to see a flooded udk topics result as it was more used and not sections from old ut2004.

  • UE4 Search Partially Broken Too!

[MENTION=9]Stephen Ellis[/MENTION]

UDK forum Search definitely seems to be broken. Try a sample UDK post and work backwards instead…
Search THIS Thread Title keyword or use one of the Forum Usernames and you’ll see it returns nothing!

UE4 recent changes: If you use quotes in keywords box now you get a blank page [Chrome/Firefox].
So search in general is going backwards now. You’re practically forced to use external search engines.

No worries, but not all search engines have re-indexed yet.
So its customary to leave an auto-redirect there meantime.

Checked it today and it looks like you guys did some work on it as it can now search in the udk threads but if you want some feedbak, its still really really poor :confused:
Going to the UDK Programming and Unrealscript and typing in the search bar for this example the word ¨¨disable¨¨ and selecting search in UDK Programming and Unrealscript it only gives 14 results!In a subforum dedicated to scripting im sure the word disable has been used thousands of times.

Or if i search in all of udk threads something like modular pawn it gives 0 results but i know its there.Honestly 2 weeks ago everything was working perfect so the technician in charge for moving the forums definitely did something wrong.(its just constructive criticism :wink: ) I hope you can fix it working as it was as its imposible to find needed code and other problem solving threads.(most of all,since you guys went so far to keep the forum for us devs,its in no ones interest not to be performing at its best. )


Thanks for all the feedback. I’ll look into it more this week and see if there’s anything we are able to control.

Thank you :wink: (shoudnt be too difficult to make it as it was before).

[MENTION=9]Stephen Ellis[/MENTION]

Epic hasn’t accounted for Internal Links between UDK posts which are now all totally broken:
So every bookmark is stone dead, including work in progress links back to the original threads!

Every link appears broken, but here’s just a random sample, see links in @Rama’s first post…

Hi all.

I just want to follow up on this. The site needed to finish re-indexing in order for link redirection to work correctly, and this wrapped up a few week ago. All the links in franktech’s post appear to be working correctly now.

I believe there have also been some improvements made to searching, but please let me know if there are any ongoing issues.


[MENTION=9]Stephen Ellis[/MENTION]

Anyone else unable to search / use the UDK site lately?

Hi franktech.

This is a known issue that we are looking into. Epic managed to fix this at one point last week, however the issue has resurfaced and requires a deeper investigation for a permanent solution.