Leftover reference hidden in unreal project causing packaging errors

Hey guys! I need a lil help tracking down why this is happening. Basically, I installed popcornFX, then uninstalled it and removed all references to it, but somewhere, hidden in the unreal project, is a reference to 4 files. Attached is the log from one of the files, ‘M_PK_Default_Billboard_AlphaBlendAdditive’

When I try to package my game, it throws this error and the build cannot finish.

Any ideas where it may be caching a reference to this? Ive opened the whole project folder in my code editor, and searched for all references and removed them.

Thank you very much!

[2016.08.01-20.18.17:611]  0]LogInit:Display: LogPackageName:Error: DoesPackageExist: DoesPackageExist FAILED: '/PopcornFX/Materials/M_PK_Default_Billboard_AlphaBlendAdditive' is not a standard unreal filename or a long path name. Reason: Path does not start with a valid root. Path must begin with: '/Engine/', '/Game/', '/Paper2D/', '/TempAutosave/', '/Config/', '/Script/', or '/Temp/'

I had the same problem with LAM from VEA games and I don’t know how to fix that but since you get rid of it completely, if I’m not mistaken, only thing you need to do is to remove “Saved” and “intermediate” in your project’s folder (but just in case move them or backup them somewere :smiley: so if it doesn’t work you can put them back withouth any losses) withouth them project should generate new one with fixed redirectors and packaging should work.

You can safely delete the “Saved” and “Intermediate” directories. Also the “Binaries” and “DerivedDataCache”.

To solve your issue, I would start by opening your project in the editor, right clicking the top level root “Content” directory, and then selecting the “Fix Up Redirectors” command.

When that completes, close the editor and remove/delete all four directories listed above from your project.

After removal, right click your .uproject and select “Generate Project Files”.

Open the project in Visual Studio and Build it, then open the editor. (If it’s BP-only I think you can just open the editor and it will build on it’s own). You should be good to go after this.

If you still get the error after this, then there is almost certainly PopcornFX files elsewhere in your project… so you can search for and remove the files manually, then simply regenerate project files and recompile. PopcornFX is a plugin, so be certain that it no longer exists in the plugins directory of your project OR engine.

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