Left Right Up Down Front Back?!

Coming from Blender I like front (-Y), back(+Y), left(+X), right(-X), up(+Z) and down(-Z).
Looking at Unreal’s FVector class I get front(+X), back(-X), left(-Y), right(+X), up(+Z) and down(-Z).

Since I am setting up a project requiring me to create meshes programmatically in a special way, I wonder what the remifications would be using one of these systems.

Also I would like to know why there is not a standard on this one? Is there a standard for certain niche applications like CAD/3D-Modelling? I know that Unity goes for Z is actual Y which made me sad but is understandable when thinking about it coming from the 2D world.

Chosing Blender’s way to define direction would result in me working again the framework at hand, I am sure there are some important cons to consider here.

So I would like to hear opinions and best practices as I am just starting using Unreal and I want to consider my options on a competent level.