Left & Right Strafe walk Animations

Hello All!

I recently downloaded Mixamo Animation Starter Pack from UE Marketplace and i’m testing it with Adam Character
There are only IDLE - WALK - RUN animations, so i downloaded from mixamo website free left/right strafe walk animations.

What i wish to know:
how can i add this animations to my blendspace?

I want that my character when pressing A or D key just strafe left or right playing the said animation.

I’ve tryed to make a new blendspace with no success.
please help me.

It’s pretty easy, I would recommend you to take a look at the couch knight demo. There you can see such a setup. :slight_smile:
When it doesnt help you, I can also post you some screenshot from my setup (but will take some time)

I would love to see your setup, i just opened couch knights demo, but i have no idea where to start looking :frowning:

to be more clear…what i’m trying to obtain is a true first person view with a full body (not only arms).
What i did till now:

  • parenting the camera to the head socket
  • In the BP Character Blueprint details selected “Use Controller Rotation Yaw”
  • In CharacterMovement details de-selected “Orient Rotation to Movement”
  • In the camera details selected “Use Pawn Control Rotation”

So now i have a good first person view and moving the camera i can see my body, the problem is:
When i press the A or D key, the character strafe normally but not playing the strafing animations i added to 2D Blendspace.

reference video (with third person view): - YouTube

If i get what you want to do, i think this video will help you a bit (watch around the 8th minute)

and i noticed something in what you wrote:
you said that you downloaded the animations from the mixamo website and used them on adam wich is from the free pack
actually the animations from the website and the mixamo character pack for ue4 don’t share the same skeleton so those animations won’t work with adam.

Thanks for the answer!

Yes i downloaded mixamo pack from UE marketplace, then going on their website i noticed that some other animations were free for the same characters that are in the mixamo pack.
So i downloaded them (strafe left/strafe right) and from the download manager i properly selected “FBX for unreal engine 4”-

Next step i replaced the 1D Blendspace with a new created 2D Blendspace.

posting a video for reference:

what you see in the video is what I managed to do.
I suppose there is a lack in the eventgraph or in the character movement bp. Please Help me.

Read the q&a section under the video
the problem isn’t with the graph
the problem is that every single animation even the free ones in the mixamo pack only work with mixamo skeleton
that means that the animations can’t be used on any character that uses another skeleton including the free character pack

I feel so stupid.

Thanks all for the effort to make me understanding the problem.